Monday, February 27, 2012

Something to Keep Baby Warm

I meant to finish this sweater before Audrey arrived, but we had a little baby boom in our family which meant that I spent much of the summer knitting as fast as I could.  The little blue sweater is a variation of the five hour baby sweater (without the lacy holes at the top), and the rose-colored sweater was made following this pattern.  I used a slightly smaller yarn (Naturally Caron Country--I love the feel of this yarn--used it for so many other projects!) than the pattern called for which resulted in the sweater being a bit smaller and looser. 

I just finished Audrey's sweater, and as you can see, she will still fit into it for a little while (whew!).  This time, I used the same yarn, but knit it using a size 9 needle. 

We are expecting another cousin to arrive in August, so I must get knitting again!

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