Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lost in Venice

Today more sightseeing. Saw the Rialto Bridge--view amazing, canal like a freeway, lots of wonderful shops and vendors. Ate gelato, walked the narrow alleys. Tons of people on a nice weekend.

Visited the Chiesa dei Frari. Beautiful Titian and Bellini paintings. Then a yummy pizza lunch. Onto the Scuola GRande di San Rocco. My favorite with over 50 paintings by Tintoretto. Vaporetto back and a quick trip to Chiesa de San Zaccarria. Needs renovating, but I paid the 1 euro to go into a crypt with remains of St. John the Baptist's father. It is submerged under water because the church is sinking.

Hotel to rest, then more walking. Yummy, expensive dinner and the to San Marco Piazza to see it lit up at night. Wonderful atmosphere of Saturday night strollers.

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