Sunday, May 23, 2010

Murano Island

Visited Murano Island, home to lots and lots glassmakers. Island itself is beautiful (today there was a kayaking event), but the glass is incredible. Much of it was unbelievable. Loved the jewelry, vases, chandaliers, and figurines. Zillions of shops. 

The museum had a wonderful collection of Murano glass--some of the items were from the 15th century. Amazed that so many things were in tact completely. 

Enjoyed a creme brulee by the water. Seemed like a movie watching the speedboats zip along with all the sunbathers. What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Back to San Zaccaria, then to San Marco Piazza for dinner and a couple more pictures. 

Still can't believe how surreal city of Venice is. Architecture is lovely, so much art and history that people take it for granted. Little details were not spared; the smallest items are richly decorated. Favorite part has been walking the crowded, tiny streets. Finding pretty stores is like finding presents. Venice is full of surprises.

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