Thursday, September 9, 2010


K and M both started at a new school this year. It was a sudden switch for K and she was understandably upset at first, but thankfully, both of the girls seem to be adjusting really well. They both like their teachers, and they are making new friends. And the girls like to see each other during the day. It's an adjustment for us, too, getting to know a new routine, new school, new people. So far it's been a positive experience for everyone and the values of the school seem to be so much more in line with our own. Plus this school has a music and art focus--right up their alley!

M started Girl Scouts tonight. She is a Daisy Troop, and she had a great time. Hoping that she will form bonds with this group of girls and have another resource available to her as she grows up. Want to get K into an eqaully positive Juniors Troop. Mostly, I want my girls to be happy, well-rounded individuals who get to do activities that they enjoy.

Slowly all the house stuff is coming together. I am impatient, though. Maybe an office pic tomorrow? It is the room that is the most put together right now.

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