Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Days

It has been busy, busy to say the least. We've been working hard to put the house back together after all of our summer projects. And it seems impossible to fix up or tidy up one area of the house without feeling like you have to do all the other areas of the house. More to come on all this....

Girls have both started Girl Scouts this year and love it. M is a Daisy, and K started as a Junior. Both girls have been making new friends at their new school, enjoying their teachers, and generally having a great year (which I am so thankful for). I am learning huge amounts about the Montessori curriculum and appreciate it the more I learn.

M has actually begun reading. Several weeks ago she stated to me "I just really want to know how to read." Bit by bit she has begun sounding out words. It is very exciting to watch.

The girls' school does historical Halloween which is incredible to see. Lots of George Washingtons and Queen Elizabeths, but also John Lennon, Mother Theresa, and Frieda Kahlo. The most amazing part is watching the entire school get into a giant timeline. And there was also a living Mount Rushmore!

This year's Halloween costumes included a witch and Lucille Ball (courtesy of Grandpa of course--I contributed the wig and the hat). K won third place for Cutest Costume at our local Halloween Festival. She was thrilled and received more candy than she could possibly eat and tons of other goodies. Great to see her so happy.

J had his birthday last week. The best part was going to an early morning breakfast after dropping off the kids. We were also treated to a yummy Thai dinner by his father.

Crazy schedule this semester, but everyone is doing well and enjoying their activities. Can't complain....

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