Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Wonderland

It is that time of year again, when we have to take down all of the Christmas decorations. Maddie was so incredibly sad that the holidays were over and that our tree had to come down. I can't blame her. I really don't like that part either. I talked to her about all the holidays that are coming in the next couple of months when I remembered what I used to do with Kelsey right after Christmas. Right after the last of our holiday cheer had been packed away, Kelsey and I would cut out snowflakes and tape them to the windows. (Being in California, this is the closest we can get to a winter wonderland!) 

Maddie and I pulled out some white tissue that we saved from the presents (we save all that kinds of stuff around here--old tissue gets repurposed into flowers so that we don't have to use bows, etc.). We spent an hour cutting out shapes and taping all our snowflakes to the windows. She felt happier about celebrating winter with pretty decorations, and I was so glad that we found a happy solution!

Another one of my favorite parts of the week: Maddie and I were searching for some tunes to use during her next Girl Scout meeting, and she put on her favorite dress up outfit and put on a show.  Maddie's little moments of spontaneity remind me to just enjoy the moment. Sometimes I forget to do this, and this can be such a good thing.

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