Thursday, February 17, 2011

Project Close to My Heart!

I just wanted to give a mention to a project that was originally begun by my mom.  The project is a little like a "Three Cups of Tea" story.  In the fall of 2007, she was trekking in Nepal and unable to leave because her flight had been double booked.  Mom's mountain guide (Sunil) invited her to visit his family and tour his village because it was a special holiday.  Sunil mentioned to my mom that his daughter's local school had no library and hardly any books to provide for the students.  Upon leaving, Mom told her travel agent if he was able to get the funds for her first plane ticket returned, she would donate the money to Sunil's village school.

Hence, the beginnings of the Harnari Community School Library.  Mom returned to Nepal in March 2009 with my dad.  During this visit, they purchased books and several games for the children.  Since then, our little project has also provided shelving for the library.  

It is my mom's project, but we support it with fundraisers and spreading the project word-of-mouth.  Check out her blog for more information and photos of the library's progress.  It is a small project, but we like to think of the long-term impact that building a village library will hopefully have some day.

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