Monday, February 21, 2011

A Weekend Off

The kids were off school today, and everyone was reasonably healthy. So we (finally!) got a chance to do something out of the house. We drove down to Stanford University and visited the Rodin Sculpture Garden at the Cantor Art Museum. Kelsey did a unit on Auguste Rodin through the Art in Action program at her school.

I think that the girls were appreciative of Rodin's sculptures (although it was a bit hard to explain his choice of subject matter for "The Gates of Hell"). What a neat opportunity to see his works, though!

After, we headed up and enjoyed ice cream. This is a real treat for us because we never have it in the freezer at home.

The last photo is a picture of Maddie's newest prize possessions. They are very loud boots, but she is extremely proud of her pink cowgirl boots. Grandma took the kids shoe shopping during their overnight at their house. (John and I were able to head up to the City to see "Avenue Q"--very funny!) All in all, a really nice family weekend.

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