Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

We hosted a fundraiser for my mom's library project this past weekend, and it went very well. Our last fundraiser was an ice cream social, so we decided on a tapas party this time. The kids were fantastic and completely involved in the process. Maddie helped with planning the menu (she even came up with her own recipe that included crackers, creamed caviar, cream cheese, and chives!), and Kelsey organized a jewelry show with pieces that the two girls had made.

We had a wonderful time on Sunday. It was a really nice gathering of friends and family with great conversation, yummy gnoshing on appetizers, and pleasant company. Wouldn't you know that I would take lovely pictures of the food we prepared, but forget to take pics of our fantastic guests once the party was going.

Everyone who attended (and many, many who were not able to come) were incredibly supportive and generous. Our little fundraiser increased the school's library fund by over $1500.00!! Mom and my brother are hoping to assess the school's needs and then figure what the students will benefit from the most (i.e., more books, solar lights, magazines, etc.). I'm so excited to see what will progress will be made. Thank you to all our guests and donors!

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