Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cantor Art Center

Saturday was a gorgeous day in the Bay Area.  The kiddos and I took a drive to the Stanford campus and ended up having a picnic lunch in the Rodin Sculpture Garden.  It was the perfect place to hang out--plenty of shade, lots of space for Audrey to run around, and tons of benches and picnic tables to choose from.  Kelsey and Maddie enjoyed wandering around and viewing the color took of sculptures. 

Afterward, we went into the Art Center.  We spent about half an hour browsing the rooms (the length of Audrey's attention span).  The museum has a nice collection of pieces from around the world and a good representation of different time periods.  I think my favorite part was seeing Rodin's Thinker.  The kids had a good time....Kelsey was interested in the Greek and Roman art, and Maddie found the Japanese art engaging.  I am hoping we can return later this summer so we can look at some of the sections we didn't get to see this visit.  Given that admission to the museum is free, a visit of any length is well worth it.

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