Friday, June 7, 2013

End of the School Year Insanity

Anyone else feeling the squeeze of end-of-the-school year madness?  It seems like the number of activities, projects, and performances go through the roof during the months of May and June.  This week we have had an open house, science fair, field trip, tap dancing dress rehearsal (and show tonight), middle school social, 18 month check-up for Audrey (with shots and fever to go along with it), and Pocket Day (for which Maddie decided she wanted to make a special pocket shirt and so we sewed 60 pockets to her T-shirt!!!!).  I'm so on-the-go right now, I can't fall asleep at night until 3AM because I keep thinking that I am forgetting to do something, feed someone, or be somewhere.  I'm ashamed that we've eaten pizza so many times in the past two weeks that the kids actually asked for rice and beans last night! 

How many more days until school gets out?

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