Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Travel Adventures Continued

I never finished the trip. Actually, I didn't have wi-fi anymore so I am finishing the trip here from home. :)

The next day was an early one. We scrambled to catch the 8:00AM vaporetto. It's worth it, though, to get up early to see Venice in the morning without the tourists, vendors, and beautiful sunlight.

We rode the train to Milan, but along the way Mom's ankle started to swell and bruise. There wasn't much to be done on the train so we figured we would get to Lake Como and then figure it out. Unfortunately, it was three different trains which meant a lot of hopping off and on trains quickly with luggage.

We arrived in Como to 80 degree weather and sunshine. What a beautiful town! After checking in, we took a taxi to the hospital and went to the ER. We found a nurse who spoke English, and were seen right away. Not a lot of information other than "don't walk." Although of all places to be stuck sitting, Lake Como isn't so bad. 

I left Mom on a bench in a pretty park by the lake and explored. Saw the temple to Volta and then followed the road along the shore in the opposite direction. Everything was incredibly scenic! Took a break for some cherry gelato, and then walked to the duomo and explored the little shops there. Found a great bookstore and found some books for the girls in Italian (i.e., The Three Little Bears).

Dinner was outside looking at the duomo at a pizzeria. Loved how it stays light out until 9:30PM, and the wait staff never hurries you out of the restaurant.

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