Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our 4th

Had so much fun with the girls putting together our annual Fourth of July celebration. We live in the best place ever to see fireworks! You just have to walk across the street to the park and watch the show. It's fantastic especially considering it's the only city in the area that still has a fireworks show.

We had a great evening--everyone was invited, so there were lots of family and friends, yummy food, and red, white, and blue. This is a look at some of what we did to get ready:

I found the directions for these stars from here.  They are really pretty and not very difficult to make at all.  

K and M made truffles for dessert.  We followed this recipe.  They were super easy and very delicious.  Rolling them in the cocoa powder can get to be a bit messy, though.  The girls were willing helpers especially considering that they got to lick the spoon afterwards.

Excuse the terrible fireworks picture.  I have got to learn how to take these on my camera.  Hope your Fourth was full of fun and relaxation!

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