Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Fun

I had a great weekend! Got a chance to spend time with my "little" brother who came out for a visit (his first since January!!). K and M were ecstatic to see him. M asked when he was coming every day last week. It was wonderful to spend time with my entire family. Everyone came over to our house for one homecooked meal, and we went out for a yummy Mongolian BBQ dinner the next night.

We also spent some time outside today going for a walk in a sculpture park. Being by the water, the park is really windy and most of the sculptures interact with the wind in some way. Kids liked it, and we all really liked seeing someplace different. We came here in pursuit of one of our favorite family hobbies which you can read about more here. We didn't have any luck this time, though. :(

Hope that your weekend was just as fun!

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