Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Baby

Well, we were SUPPOSED to be a part of the Live Below the Line challenge this week.  However, A ended up with a partially dislocated elbow over the weekend (very hard--how can you explain everything to a little one who is so young?).  HH and I were sleep deprived Saturday night and spent Sunday in the ER.  Poor baby!  She was definitely not happy with the doctors, nurses, and X-ray technician. 

We returned to the orthopedist this morning.  Fortunately, A's elbow was fine.  Either it reset itself or the ER doctor reset it.  I am just really glad that she is feeling better. 

Unfortunately, with all the chaos I was not able to get ready for our challenge.  We decided that all three of us will take this on next week together.  M was disappointed (I think she had mentally prepared herself for this), but she understood.  So check in with us next week to see how it's going!

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