Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Terracotta Warriors

Last week the kids were on spring break.  While we didn't go anywhere or do anything big, we did get to visit some local places and do a few projects that have been on our list of To Do's for a long time. 
On Sunday, we took a trip up to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.  Hard to believe that it was everyone's first trip to the museum.  It was a Target-sponsored Family Day, and it was busy!  A staffer at the museum mentioned that the free days bring in 2-3 times the usual number of visitors.  Despite the huge line to get in, we waited for only about 30 minutes.  The museum was fantastic about taking care of their guests.  Several people circulated around the line, passed out brochures about the exhibit,  and answered questions.  At one point, a "warrior" came out to pose for pictures with people.
The exhibit was impressive to view.  I was surprised at how serene and elegant the warriors were even though they were soldiers.  The handicraft and innovation on the other artifacts found in the tomb was amazing as well.  
So glad that we had the opportunity to see these beautiful pieces.  The kids enjoyed the exhibit because they had learned about the works of art in school.  I was surprised at how enthusiastic K and M were when I initially suggested that we go.  Everyone enjoyed themselves.  It would be great to some day return and look at the rest of the museum.

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