Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Mom's ankle was quite swollen, so we decided to ride the boat up the laggo to Bellagio. (Of all the places in the world to have to sit and rest, this is probably the best.)

Weather was perfect: sunny and warm. We rode the "slow boat" (versus the "fast boat" which doesn't make as many stops). Taking in the villas, relaxed travelers, and snow-covered Alps waqs quite surreal.

I left Mom resting her leg on a bench overlooking Bellagio. I took the opportunity to explore in every direction and took lots of pictures so that Mom could see what was around us. Everything was scenic. I visited a 11th century church, lots of charming little shops, and looked in a lot of store windows that offered very expensive, very lovely things of all kinds. Gave in and bought a beautiful silk scarf from Como.

Somewhere along the way I saw George Clooney's villa. I knew the general area and heard that it was supposed to be white so I had to take a picture of them all. Also saw where parts of the latest Bond and Ocean movies were filmed. Absolutely gorgeous.

Mom and I dined at a lakeside restaurant close to the hotel (we stayed at the Hotel Barchetta Excelsior--the location is perfect--the breakfast room overlooks the lake). I ate a delicious dinner of spinach gnocchi in a crispy Parmesan cheese shell.

What an amazing place Lake Como is.

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