Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

So you can guess the rest of the story. I had to go home. Mom and I were up very early again to catch a taxi to the train station. I guess during Passion Play yeard, everyone must double up on jobs because the village is so tiny. The taxi driver was also the bread delivery lady and her van smelled heavenly with the baskets of freshly baked bread.

We then began the crazy train/bus ride back to Munich with some confusion with a couple of bus drivers as to whether we needed to go to Huglfing or Uffing. We made it and along the way passed field after field of mustard (the flowers are brilliant yellow).

I said good-bye to Mom at the airport as she had another 24 hours still in Munich before her flight. I was quite sad as this was our first trip together (without kids!) in 11 years, although this time we were both grown-ups. I really enjoyed spending time with her and having the opportunity to talk to her uninterrupted.

I made it back home after traveling for over 24 hours. I was very tired, but very happy to see K, M and of course, hubby. Came home with lots of happy memories, pictures, and souvenirs feeling very lucky.

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