Saturday, June 19, 2010

On to Oberammergau, Germany

The next day began very early (I'm just not a morning person!!) We left Como and took the train back to Milano. From there, we had a wild and crazy shuttle bus ride with a driver who thought he would take a shortcut to avoid traffic (it didn't work). We flew to Munich and proceded to get very confused by the train system. It's a great system once you figure it out, but complicated if you don't know and German. The subway, buses, and trains are all interconnected. 
After another confusing incident with a missing train and another bus detour due to construction in Huglfing, we finally got to Oberammergau 12 hours after we began. We changed around Mom's flights with my brother's help so that she could come home earlier. I was worried about her trying to jump off and on the trains, buses, and planes by herself with luggage.  

We checked into the Hotel Turmwirt. It is a charming hotel with charming staff and super modern amenities. It must have been recently renovated in order to be ready for this year's Passion Play.

After a delicious dinner of schnitzel, soup and fries, I wandered around the town for a short while. The entire town is painted with beautiful 18th century frescos. I really enjoyed looking in the windows of all the woodworking stores. You could see the different styles of each artist even though much of the art reflected the religious themes of the Passion Play. Also, visited the Parish Church which is located directly across the street from the hotel. Since it was getting dark, it was a little hard to see some of the amazing Roccoco artwork, but beautiful all the same.

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