Friday, May 10, 2013

Day Four of Live Below the Line

We are through with Day Four!  I don't think M and I really MIND eating this diet so much as we miss the variety and access to different fruits and vegetables.  It looks like we will not be eating all three pounds of beans that I had planned for or all of the three pounds of onions.  Because of this, we swapped for $0.50 worth of watermelon (which was positively delicious after all that cabbage and carrots).  Dinner was once again chicken with sauteed veggies and this time, mashed potatoes. 

As the planner and organizer of the family's meals, it's really difficult to ensure that everyone gets a well-rounded diet on such a limited budget.  A gallon of milk was the most expensive item on our list, and I've been skimping on my own calcium intake to make sure K and M got theirs for the week.  And I can't imagine that only eating cabbage and carrots will give you all the vitamins and minerals that you need. 
Sadly, while I can say only one more day to go, so many other people cannot.  

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