Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day One of Live Below the Line

Yesterday Maddie and I began the Live Below the Line Challenge.  We spent Sunday afternoon prepping for the week by creating a possible list of groceries, brainstorming menu ideas, and shopping within our budget.  Our "pantry" essentially includes large quantities of staples, such as rice ($0.35 per pound), dried pinto beans ($1.39 per pound), potatoes ($1.59 for 5 pounds), and vegetables (cabbage, carrots, onions).  We bought smaller amounts of items like apples, chicken (just so happened to be on sale for $0.78 per pound), and eggs.  Maddie and I also included in our budget a dollar for seasonings and loose leaf jasmine tea.  And since I'm including my daughter, I made sure that we bought milk.  Gotta keep growing!

We got through the first day.  It took a bit of planning and thinking ahead about our meals, especially for school lunches (no grabbing a granola bar for the lunch bag).  Breakfast was toast, milk, apple slices, and a hard-boiled egg.  The kids had rice with soy sauce, beans, pretzels, and carrots sticks for lunch.  My lunch was a little different.  I just mixed up sauteed veggies with beans.  Dinner was actually pretty good--I really wish that I had thought to take a picture.  We had baked chicken, baked French fry wedges, and sauteed cabbage, carrots, and onions. 

There is a monotony to this restrictive of a diet (i.e., you can have almost unlimited amounts of beans and cabbage, but how much do you really want?).  And I really do miss my coffee and fresh fruit.  But I guess this is the point....many people have far less choices than we do (even on this challenge)....and no access to first world grocery stores.  

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