Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day Three of Live Below the Line

We've finished Day Three!  More than halfway there!  Can't say that I will be sad when it is over.  I really do miss eating fruit (besides the 1/4 apple that we each get every day).  And I sorely miss my freshed-brewed cups of Peet's coffee throughout the day....not so easy to get through the day with 3 kids and no coffee! :)

Breakfast and lunches were much the same as the previous two days.  Dinner consisted of chicken, cabbage salad and oven baked French fries.  One thing that I've noticed is that it takes a good amount of preplanning and time to prepare everything.  Cooking dried beans just takes longer than opening a can.  In addition, I have to plan meals well in advance so the kids don't eat the same thing all day long--they would never go for that.  

M has been amazing about the experience and she actually helps to keep me on track.  She's been fairly disciplined about not taking goodies from friends at school and sticking to the rules of the challenge.  So on to Day Four!

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  1. wow, kudos for hanging in there. It all looks delish though xo

    1. Yes, $1.50 per day is harder than I thought! Thanks for reading about this challenge :)